Symposium: Creating and Exploring Digital Empathy, 21 March at the RSA

The project CEDE is about researching empathy in digital environments, and prototyping devices and services that are designed to facilitate empathy between people.

We are organising a one day Creating and Exploring Digital Empathy symposium on Monday 21 March at the Royal Society for the Arts in London, where the project CEDE team and visiting guests will talk about their research into emotions and technology.

The programme covers topics such as empathy in church communities, building a Voight-Kampff machine, a neuroscientist’s perspective on detecting emotion and truth, empathy and economics, and sensing and communicating emotions. There will be a reception and an exhibition afterwards, showcasing the work from the project CEDE.

Anyone interested in emotions in digital environments is welcome to attend the event. Attendance is free, but we ask people to register.


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